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Rice Paper

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Vegan Cannabis Gummies

zenzona edibles are designed to help you find tranquility, anytime you need it. Delicious fruit flavors burst from each bite sized vegan gummy, cascaded in sugar with a melt in your mouth consistency that will leave you satisfied and relaxed. Made from a pectin base, our gummies will maintain their form and consistency in the hot Arizona heat, making them perfect for finding your zen on the go!

With a wide selection of delicious and exotic fruit flavors to choose from, new recreational customers and medical patients alike can rely on zenzona to deliver a consistent and reliable experience. Our gummies are crafted in Tucson, Arizona and packaged in eco-friendly rice paper bags with biodegradable labels printed in house! 


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Looking for a focused moment of zen? Trying to get your creative juices flowing? Our sativa vegan gummies are here to help, sure to lift your spirits and keep you relaxed and euphoric to cruise through the day. 


Trying to unwind and decompress after a long day? Our indica vegan gummies will leave you with a full body experience, leaving your muscles feeling relaxed and your body like a cozy weighted blanket, perfect for a night of rest and relaxation.


Need the best of both worlds? Our hybrid vegan gummies are just what you’re looking for. A little bit of that muscle relaxing body high from indica, with the slight euphoria and and focus that comes with a heady sativa. A perfect blend for those looking for all over relaxation.

rso gummies

RSO gummies offer powerful medicinal relief with a unique fruity taste. Full spectrum indica dominant RSO is homogenized into each gummy to provide therapeutic effects.


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